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As a result of the increasing focus on the Kingdom’s growing media sector, The Saudi International Television & Radio Exhibition, which will be held on Feb 9-11 at THE RITZ-CARLTON, RIYADH has worked closely with industry experts to create a unique platform covering every aspect of TV & Media investment, supply, management, refurbishment, fit out, operation and development of the television and radio sector in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s Media industry is experiencing extraordinary growth, with the government unrolling a series of ambitious initiatives to foster further growth in the country’s television and media sector, the outlook for suppliers and service providers is bright. As the only exhibition in the country dedicated to covering every aspect of the media industry – from television to radio facilities management – The Saudi International TV and Radio Exhibition is a must-attend event for companies to identify opportunities and establish a presence in the country.

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For any country television and media is very important. It is a very useful and a powerful sector. As we know that news are one of the most important things in our life, there are so many ways to get news but the most popular way is by radio and TV. Media sector of any country is very important to maintain because it’s a huge profitable sector for the country. This industry has developed itself on very big scale since from past some centuries, and as we all know day by day there are many progressive things happening in this sector.

This is the hard work of this sector that now a days we can call this world a global village. And as the many other countries are working on developing and introducing new technologies in Media and television sector, Saudi Arabia is also going to take step in this race. We arrange this exhibition in which there will be a lot of exhibitors from all around the world who will exhibit their researches their work their experiences and their expertise regarding the development in this specific sector. They will also introduce new technologies and new machineries that are being used by some of the most popular media and television companies. So if you belong from a marketing, communication and media company you should not bear the risk of not participating in this event that’s our advice.

More than 200 exhibitors from 22 countries have already confirmed participation, spanning multiple industry sectors including companies from social media and networking, Operating Equipment & Supplies, Technology, camera and photography Experience, and news & media.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s social & media industry will reach a huge number of income this year,  We aim to feature the broadest range of products, services and technologies, giving attendees an exclusive platform to gain insight and identify market chaos and opportunities this buoyant market.

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